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MA 508.992.7799 | RI 401.437.5079 | NH 603.637.1679

Serving Boston, Providence, Cape Cod and the South Coast!

Also Serving Southern New Hampshire


We Are Technology Professionals
RYCOMM is a complete technology consulting company that keeps on top of the latest technologies, so you don't have to. This allows us to help you make the best decisions for your business. We offer you guidance and personal service for all your technology needs.

Our Approach
We work with you to leverage your company's current technology, while helping you to plan for your medium and long-term MIS needs. Be assured that your personal RYCOMM consultant will always be there to answer any technology questions you have, and to give you prompt, efficient service.

Individual Attention
We believe in providing personal services to clients of all sizes, including those whose systems might not currently be large enough to receive individual attention elsewhere. We do not believe in supplying "common" solutions. Rather, we use a flexible approach, responding directly to each client's individual objectives.

    • Managed IT Services

      Why Managed IT Services?

      Regardless if you are a company with 10 computers or 250 computers, we act as your own IT department or an extension of your it department.  Our all-inclusive managed service gives you a cost effective way to shift your companies entire day-to-day IT support needs. Our proactive approach ensures your entire network is secure & running smoothly. With RYCOMM serving as your full-time IT department, you are free to focus on what you do best; running your business.   At the same time you get to take advantage of more top notch talent than you can hire on your own, all without the cost & responsibilities of managing that department yourself.  Essentially, you are getting enterprise level support at a fraction of the cost.

      Our managed IT services are tailored to meet the demands of your business.

      Network Monitoring

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      Continuous around the clock network maintenance to ensure reliability, security & performance of your computers, servers and network devices.

      Vendor Management

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      time & money,
      we fully document & coordinate all of your vendors on your behalf.


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      A simple call or email connects you
      directly to our live
      help desk to resolve any
      IT related problem.

      Business Continuity

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      Downtime means lost revenue.  Our clients experience 99.99% up-time.  We provide the processes for a quick recovery in the event of a disaster.

      Secure Offsite Backup

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      For complete data recovery of all critical data.  Includes nightly offsite cloud backup to
      our data center.

      Asset Lifecycle

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      Budget accordingly. We perform continuous warranty lookups on all IT devices & complete documentation of software renewals.

      Network Security

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      RYCOMM installs & maintains AV, Spam filter, Web filter, regular vulnerability scanning & implements network best practice security.

      IT Strategy

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      IT strategy meetings with a complete
      IT business road map.

    • Simplified IT

      Simplified IT

      When issues occur with your computer system, you can rely on the technology experts from RYCOMM to deliver prompt, expert service onsite or remotely. Whether you want to improve your computer's performance, get those annoying pop-ups out of the way, install a wireless network, or just learn how to use your computer more effectively, we can help!

      Upgrading Your System Technologies change every day. There are always new things coming out to make your computer work more efficiently. So, even if your system is fairly new, you may need a few enhancements to accommodate your growing collection of digital photos, movies, files, or video games. Have questions about upgrades? Call us!
      On-site Service Our experts will come directly to your home within 24 hours to solve your computer troubles on site! Call us to set up a time that fits your schedule. We offer same-day service.
      Virus & Spyware Issues Do you feel like you have no control over your computer? It could be a virus. No matter what kind of computer you have, you need antivirus software. RYCOMM can provide you with the latest software that will protect you from these pesky invasions!
      Networking RYCOMM provides a full range of local and wide area networking services to assist in all phases of network design and implementation.
      Firewalls & Internet Security One way to protect your computer is to install a firewall, which keeps intruders from sneaking into your computer and accessing your private data. Protect yourself and your family ... with help from RYCOMM.
      Preventive Maintenance When was the last time your computer had a thorough cleaning? If it has been more than six months, it is time to schedule a visit with one of our experts.
      Data Backup & Recovery Along with helping you to backup your data safely, we also offer data-recovery services that can try to recover lost files resulting from hardware mishaps, software conflicts, or viruses.
      Remote Support You don't have to wait for a technology expert to drive to your site. With our state of the art remote management center we can solve several issues 24hrs/day without stepping a foot into your building.
    • Shop RYCOMM

      Everything you need to grow your business online.

      Web Hosting
      Web Marketing
      Word Press Hosting
      E-commerce Solutions
      Spam Free Email
      Secure SSL Certificates
      Privacy Protection
      Domain Names
      Fax Thru Email
      Search Engine Visibility
      Register, Transfer, Back Order & Bulk Order Domains
      Premium DNS

    • Consulting Services

      Consulting Services

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      We are available to serve as a general tool for a client's IS department. You can bring us in as a team member for any specific phase of implementation, or you could spin the entire project off to us and have us take care of everything. We'll simply report back to you as we go. We are very effective serving as the "general liaison" on complex technical projects involving many vendors and internal departments. We will watch for the details that need to pass between the internet provider, the telephone company, the hardware vendors and the server or application consultants. We are often considered to be "the team player that keeps the team playing."

      Do you have more than one computer that you want networked? A network allows your computers to share files, a printer, and an internet connection. Even better, a wireless network is now the most common way to connect all of the computers in your home or office, without the mess of all those wires.

      RYCOMM provides a full range of local and wide area networking services to assist in all phases of network design and implementation.

      • Needs analysis
      • Evaluation of existing systems
      • Network technology recommendations
      • RFP preparation, and assistance in selecting hardware vendors
      • Project management during implementation
      • Cat 5 wiring installation and certification services
      • Selection of wide-area technologies and negotiation with vendors
      • Testing and systems rollout and documentation
      • Training and network management services
      • Evaluating proper uses of Internet technologies

    • Business Services

      Business Services

      Strategic Technology Services brings value to any size firm! We are a comprehensive Business and Technology Consulting firm providing complete MIS outsourcing that manages all your computer needs, so you can focus on your business. You certainly could spend your time, energy, intelligence, and money on figuring out what to buy, who to buy it from, and how to integrate it all together like one seamless system environment, but you need to ask yourself "Is this really where I want to focus my time and energy?"

      The reasons for RYCOMM's great success in this arena are two-fold:


      Our clients trust us to provide timely, superior service.


      We bring strength in technological knowledge and process analysis.

      This allows us to fulfill turn-key solutions for all our clients' technology needs.
    • Home Automation

      Home Automation

      At RYCOMM we specialize in Home Automation Integration. What automation integration does is simply to bring together all the electronics systems in your home or office with the convenience of having just the right user interface to access and control these systems, all this with the touch of a button and with ease of use. In short, an integrated home or office system allows your home or office to actively participate in your lifestyle and respond to your instructions for a more convenient, enhanced living or working environment.

      How does it benefit me?

      "Connected homes" are built for today with an eye toward tomorrow. They enable you to fully maximize the capabilities of current home products and systems, and help them run more efficiently together. We're talking about things you are probably already using-cable, multiple phone lines, satellite TV, audio/video systems, one or more PCs, Internet and security systems. A "connected home" offers:

      • High-speed internet access at any time from anywhere in your home
      • Flexibility of applications to accommodate work and play activities
      • "Plug and play" capability for all entertainment and communication systems (PC, satellite TV or DVD systems, etc.) in multi-use outlets throughout your home
      • Simultaneous internet access for multiple users through a single account
      • Elimination of costly rewiring in the future when adding new technologies, such as satellite service
      • Maintained market value by equipping your home to keep pace with ever-changing technology
      • Connected homes also enable you to add newly developed systems as they become available

    • Cloud Solutions

      Cloud Computing

      Cloud computing is the practice of storing and managing data on a network of remotely located servers through the Internet, instead of personal computers or local servers. For most people, cloud computing or "The Cloud" has become such an ambiguous term that it has made it appear more complex or mysterious than it really is. The reality is that cloud computing is not all that different from a typical, on-site computer network -- it simply uses the internet to accomplish it's goals.

      One of the biggest benefits of cloud computing touted by providers is cost savings. But is the cloud really less expensive than traditional network solutions?

      Yes and no. Here's why...

      Most cloud solutions operate on a subscription based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, which means companies pay an ongoing, monthly fee instead of an upfront fee. When looking at the longevity of cloud use, the total fees may not be cheaper but the operational payment structure (as opposed to upfront capital expense) makes it much more manageable. Ultimately, the potential for substantial cost savings comes down to an organization's needs and what those needs require from a networking standpoint.
      Companies choose to USE cloud solutions for the following reasons:
      ▪ Improved IT expense management.
      ▪ Potential decrease in overall IT costs.
      ▪ More features and capabilities like improved scalability, agility and mobility.
      Conversely, companies also choose to NOT USE cloud computing for the following reasons:
      ▪ Industry regulations & compliance concerns.
      ▪ Cloud solution migration is not financially viable.
      ▪ Lack of expertise to select & implement cloud solutions.
      Important Note: A network does not have to operate solely in the cloud or on-premise. It can be a combination (or hybrid) of the two for various reasons. i.e. A company may primarily utilize an on-premise server yet backup their data using the cloud.

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      Hosted Email / Office 365
      Seamlessly move your email to Microsoft Office 365 and get rid of your on-site exchange email server.
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      Server Hosting
      Are you tired of maintaining an on-site server?  Let us build you a cloud-based server so you will never have to worry about the hardware again!
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      Application Hosting
      Create a complete mobile workforce so your employees can access their core business applications from anywhere, with any web-enabled device.
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      Secure File Sharing
      Eliminate your file server and move your data to a secure cloud-based file sharing solution.  Share, edit and publish files from anywhere in real time.
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      Cloud Security
      More and more data applications are moving to the cloud.  With our proactive monitoring we will ensure your data is in good hands!
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      Business Continuity / Secure Backup
      You can rest easy knowing your critical data is backed up in the cloud, ready for recovery in the event of any disaster, without the worries of purchasing or maintaining any hardware.
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      Hosted VoIP
      Enjoy reliable crystal clear phone calls, without any PBX hardware to manage, and the ability for your employees to have the freedom to work anywhere at any time.

    • Secure Offsite Backup
      Secure Remote Backup That You Control

      Protect information on your computers with secure, remote backup to storage devices you control. Avoid relying external storage services and use one remote backup solution for all of your PCs, regardless of their location.

      RYCOMM Secure Backup Vault

      With RYCOMM, backups can take place across oceans, across town or across the office. RYCOMM Secure Backup Vault provides:
      • More control. Store data on the devices you manage.
      • Increased automation. Schedule recurring backup sessions and ensure that routine backups occur.
      • Enhanced flexibility. Use incremental backups to minimize bandwidth and storage impact.
      • Layered security. Protect data during transfer and storage with industry-standard encryption.
      • Simple operation. Dynamically negotiate firewall boundaries and work with existing network devices.

      *You must have a broadband Internet connection for this service.

      Set up and manage remote data backup services on all your computers wherever they are - over the web. Important computer data is securely backed up from remote computers to individual storage servers, that you, manage and control.

      REMOTE DEPLOTMENT - Quickly and easily provision new computers to be backed up without having to go onsite. Simply send end-users a link to download and install the client on the device you want to back up.
      REMOTE BACKUP - Backups can take place across oceans, across town, or from one part of the office to another.
      AUTOMATIC LOCAL BACKUP- Automatically back up information to locally attached storage, even if the network or Internet connection is unavailable.
      SCHEDULED BACKUP - Define backup sets that best fit your needs, and have them run automatically so you can focus on value-added services.
      MANUAL BACKUP - Ensure your data is backed up whenever you need it to be. Create immediate, one-time backups with just a few clicks.
      MULTIPLE VERSION BACKUP - Specify the number of scheduled backup versions you'd like to keep. Restore from the most recent set - or one from months ago.
      SECURE BACKUP - Your data is protected during the backup process with 256-bit SSL encryption, the same security used by online banks. Backup sets are stored in a password-protected, encrypted state on the Storage PC to prevent unauthorized access.
    • VoIP

      Hosted VoIP — expect more from your phone system for less!

      Since voice and data traffic is all used from one single internet connection, you can eliminate your analogue phone lines, the bulky equipment that comes with it, and the service attached.  With voice over IP technology all you need is one physical phone and one internet connection.  This means, you can take your phone and extension with you anywhere at any time.

      No contract. Simple pricing. Hardware included.
      Unlike traditional phone services that lock you into a long term contract, our solution is simple and flexible.  You pay one flat fee per extension, per month, without any contract.  It's simple.  If you want to add an employee with an extension, we will ship you a phone and your pay for that extension.  If you want to scale down, you ship the phone back and bill goes down. Take advantage and ask about our fully managed IT services solution for all inclusive flat-fee month to month pricing.

      Why do companies choose VoIP phone systems?
    • Contact Us
      Prudential Center
      P.O. Box 990835
      Boston Massachusetts, 02199

      MA 508.992.7799
      RI 401.437.5079
      NH 603.637.1679

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    At RYCOMM we design, integrate and manage custom environment and electronics solutions for the commercial and residential market. Solutions that simplify your life. RYCOMM leverages existing technologies today while designing and engineering systems and networks that will be able to integrate future technologies as well.

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    Such technology harnesses the power of the Internet and IP related technologies to manage and control anything electronic in your environment. We accomplish this through the design, engineering and implementation of a wire-line and wireless future proof network all managed and controlled by a centralized system.

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    Our systems choreograph the operation of everything electronic in your home or office, making it possible to manage lighting, audio, video, climate, communications and security from a single platform.

    We are a comprehensive Technology Consulting firm providing complete MIS outsourcing, that manages all your Technology needs, so you can focus on your business.

    For more information call RYCOMM.

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