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MA 508.992.7799 | RI 401.437.5079 | NH 603.637.1679

Serving Boston, Providence, Cape Cod and the South Coast!

Also Serving Southern New Hampshire


Transform your Business with Hosted VoIP
Weather your employees are at the office or on the go, allow them to access their business phone from anywhere, at anytime.
Companies choose VoIP over traditional phone system solutions for a number of reasons, but the most popular of those reasons are:
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  • Auto-Attendants
  • Voice to Email
  • Company Directory
  • Video Conferencing
  • Custom Caller ID
  • On-hold Music
  • Voice to Email
  • Free Long Distance
  • CRM Integration
  • Custom Caller ID

Mobility & Scalability
Since VoIP subscription based features can be used anywhere an Internet connection is available, it can go where ever your employees go on any voice enabled device (smart phones, tablets, etc.), including laptops and desktops. It can also handle more than one call over a single data network, which makes scaling company size up or down an extremely simple process.
Cost Savings
VoIP uses pre-existing data networks and doesn't require the set up of a separate, dedicated network. It also does not require manual call distribution, which removes the need for any employee or contractor call management. The end result is a much more comfortable operational expense with little up-front capital expenditures.
Creating secure phone lines with traditional phones systems required the implementation of digital transmission security. Most VoIP solutions already have these security features "baked in" to their solution, only requiring the potential use of standard internet security features (such as data encryption and authentication).
Eliminate Phone Wiring
Your VoIP phone system uses your existing internet cabling.  This means you can drop your current telephone provider and your phone will use the same internet connection as your computer.  When you need to add another employee you only need one internet cable drop for the computer and your phone device.
High Flexibility
Whether you need to work from home or are on a business trip you can log in to your business phone and have the same benefits as if you were at the office.  When you make an outbound call or receive one it will be as if you were working from your desk at the office.
Scalable - Pay as You Grow
With our VoIP solution you have the ability to add/remove users very simply.  When your business is growing you can add and replace services rapidly with ease.  At the same time if you are looking to eliminate some people and cut cost, you can easily remove users which will reflect on your next bill.
Consolidated Phone Systems
If your business is looking to expand to additional locations or already operates from more than one building.   VoIP can help consolidate many phone-based services into one single platform.  This means there is no need to have appointment scheduling at more than one locations.

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At RYCOMM we design, integrate and manage custom environment and electronics solutions for the commercial and residential market. Solutions that simplify your life. RYCOMM leverages existing technologies today while designing and engineering systems and networks that will be able to integrate future technologies as well.

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Such technology harnesses the power of the Internet and IP related technologies to manage and control anything electronic in your environment. We accomplish this through the design, engineering and implementation of a wire-line and wireless future proof network all managed and controlled by a centralized system.

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Our systems choreograph the operation of everything electronic in your home or office, making it possible to manage lighting, audio, video, climate, communications and security from a single platform.

We are a comprehensive Technology Consulting firm providing complete MIS outsourcing, that manages all your Technology needs, so you can focus on your business.

For more information call RYCOMM.

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