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Serving Boston, Providence, Cape Cod and the South Coast!

Also Serving Southern New Hampshire


Home Theater

Audio / Video Entertainment Systems
RYCOMM can design and install a home theater system for almost any room. We install systems from simple surround sound systems to state of the art media rooms. 
Our custom installers can design and install everything from a pair of speakers on the patio to a complete whole house audio/video system with the ability to control the system from any room.

How would you like to have high quality stereo music throughout your home? Or how about be able watch your DVR in any room of the house? 

You can truly be king or queen of your castle in your complete home theater. With options like touch-screens RF & IR networks, you can command your DVR, stereo, and lights for the ultimate home theater experience. Whole house multi-source systems allow users to listen to different audio devices from room to room at the same time.

Installation of your homes electronics is as important to us as it is to you. We pride ourselves in the work we perform. Whether new construction or existing, our staff will pre or post wire your home, install wall devices or components as if it's their own. Neat workmanship and cleanup after each visit is but one of our policies. Contact us regarding customizing a Home Theater for your home.

Home Theater Services
• Complete system integration of new and existing equipment
• Custom cabinet and rack design
• Scheduling/Installation Management
• New and existing construction
• System calibration

Lighting Control

Lighting / Scene Capability:
Your lighting costs count for around 5% of your office budget. So why save costs on lighting when it decreases productivity of your most expensive, and most valuable asset - you employees?

In recent years, lighting systems have been developed to allow you to provide your employees with better, customizable lighting, while at the same time save energy. Contrary to popular belief, lighting systems with manual controls actually save money over automatic "one-size-fits-all" systems. Studies show that these systems not only save money, but are in fact used by employees, and more importantly, give the employees a sense of being "in control" of their environment - whether they use it or not.
Lighting control systems can also be used to create "lighting scenes," which determine which lights are on, how much they are dimmed etc. The scene settings can be recalled at a touch of a button, so you can easily set the office for "day mode," "night mode," "weekend mode," "VIP guest mode," or whatever you need.

Lighting Control systems can usually be integrated with your security system for even easier office management. 

Never stumble into a darkened room again fumbling for the light switch. Program lights to come on when a door is opened or when a car enters the driveway. With the push of a single button you can transform the look of your home with true architectural lighting scenes. Create a dramatic or relaxing effect in your home to enhance your enjoyment of parties, family movie nights, or romantic dinners for two.

Advanced Security

Fire / Life Safety Protection:
Your home will immediately alert you of all dangers, including: intrusion, fire, carbon monoxide, freezing conditions, and water pipe breaks. Programmable variations of lighting and even audio from the stereo or television can make a vacant home look and sound occupied. In addition to alerting a professional monitoring station, your system can contact you over the phone, with full speech messaging.

In the event of a fire your air conditioner and electrical appliances are turned off to deter the spread of smoke and fire throughout your home. Optimal interior lighting aids in your family's safe exit while the outside lights flash to alert the neighbors and fire department of your family's danger. In addition to notifying your central monitoring station, your system can call different phone numbers to inform others of the situation with full speech messaging.

Home Automation

What is a connected home?
A "connected home" is just that - a home that is connected by a network from room to room and to the world outside. It gives you the control to integrate two or more home systems to realize the benefits most desirable for your home. Those systems include communications, computers, audio/visual, entertainment, security, lighting controls, utilities and environmental controls. In short, a connected home maximizes your quality of life by enabling you to experience the best technology has to offer so you can fully enjoy your home.

What can a connected home actually do for me?
Connected homes integrate entertainment, communications and security systems together to provide you with more convenient control of the home environment. You can have high-speed Internet access from any room in the house or teleconference from your kitchen while making breakfast for your family. You can program the lights to create a "lived-in" look and check the security system via smartphone while you're away on vacation. You can even answer the door through the phone or monitor the nursery through your smartphone or tablet.

Energy Management

Climate /Appliance & Device Control
A full line of communicating thermostats provides automatic control of your home's temperature based on mode (Day, Night, Away), room occupancy, or outdoor temperature. This state of the art home technology ensures your family's ultimate comfort and saves you both time and money.

Automated temperature controls allow comfortable temperatures for your home, including nighttime setback and adjustments for morning temperatures. The automatic setback of temperatures adjusts according to the outside temperature to ensure consistent comfort levels and savings on your utility bill.

Never again worry if you've turned off the iron or coffeepot. Set your hot tub to be warm and ready when you arrive home from a hard day's work. Save money by scheduling your water heater to turn off during the day when no one is home. All of this and more are handled by your HMS with ease.

System Access

Cellphone & Tablet Access:
From the comfort of your favorite chair you can check the outdoor temperature, arm or disarm the security system, or adjust the lights and temperature - all from your cellphone or tablet.

How do I get "connected?"
If you are building a new home, the best way to ensure you are getting a "connected home" is through the installation of RYCOMM's' recommended structured cabling solution. Structured cabling systems are available through a wide range of manufacturers and installers. This one-time cost, only fractionally higher then what you would pay for a lower quality solution, will insure that your home meets all of tomorrow's communication, entertainment and information needs.

Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling is the key that links all of your home communications, entertainment, security, video, and temperature control together.

Tucked into the framing of your new home is wiring that connects everything. It turns on the lights, runs the computer, monitors the security system, brings in the television signal and provides your family with the things that make life safe, convenient and enjoyable.

Today, the demands placed on wiring are greater than ever before as lifestyle and home designs evolve. More people want to network computers, access the Internet, watch satellite TV, automate their home, protect it with a security system and enjoy audio throughout the entire house. Traditional wiring delivers the bare minimum of electrical service, making some of these activities difficult, impossibly slow or even impossible.

A home electronics network is designed for today's lifestyle needs, providing more than just wiring. It provides the infrastructure to accommodate the growing number of electronic devices found in most homes.

A home electronics network creates a local area network (LAN) throughout your entire house, bringing multiple telephone jacks, cable hookups and standard outlets to each and every room in your home. For the first time, you will access all your electronics through one multi-functional outlet and enable multiple capabilities conveniently.

• Network all your home computers and peripherals by plugging into a home Ethernet.
• Watch a video playing from the DVR on any television in the house.
• Distribute satellite televisions and cable signals throughout the house without degradation or fading.
• Enhance the capability of your security system with distributed video.
• Tune into "baby cam" to check in on the kids from any television.
• Place furniture where you want it, not where the lone cable or telephone outlet dictates it must go.
• Access home automation technologies with industry-standard wiring network.
For more information call RYCOMM.

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